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About Me & the Fellowship

The genesis of the fellowship is closely tied to my background. 

At Silverdale, PIMCO, and BlackRock, I feel lucky to have found a community of inspiring female mentors. However, the realization that women are a minority in fund management, and particularly in fixed income, has always been potent.  

It’s early on in our careers that we make the most transformative and foundational decisions. As a young professional, I wanted a community of young women with whom I can discuss/bounce ideas off. 


As I researched more, I found that there was a deep gap in gender parity in the investment management industry. Drawing on Citywire’s database of more than 17,500 individual portfolio managers worldwide, the report shows that just 12% of those fund managers are women – a barely discernible increase from last year’s figure of 11.8%. On recent evidence, it will take 200 years to reach gender parity for those running money (Source: Where are all the women in asset management?). 

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